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We are a GP owned and operated medical clinic, open 7-days a week.


This means that our services and system of operation are dedicated to helping us do what we do best so that we can help you feel your best. 

Our dedication to hiring the best of the best means that your health needs are met with respect, professionalism and a compassionate smile.


We aim to be the patients’ advocate, going above and beyond.

We offer services such as lactation consulting, hypnotherapy, iron infusions, IUD insertion and chronic health assistance from skilled medical staff, provided all under one roof. 

We are fortunate enough to have on-site X-Ray and allied health services who work from our rooms, including two psychologists (Parkside Psychology and Mindful Brain Psychology), dietitian, and physiotherapist

We have two nursing procedure rooms with access to ECG and spirometry machines.

Our vision is to be a family-oriented and collaborative practice, providing high quality patient care, operating under high ethical and organisational standards. 

Our doctors are all vocationally registered and are dedicated to ongoing training and education. 

We strive everyday to meet our five core values: Integrity, Excellence, Patient Focus, Collaboration and Innovation. 

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The Arkaba Medical Centre was established in 2004 when Fullarton Family Practice and Glenunga Clinic joined forces in an effort to offer our patients more comprehensive care. 


As part of this commitment, our practice offers extended opening hours, longer appointments for more complex issues, and home or nursing home visits for some patients.

The doctors who consult at the Arkaba Medical Centre are independent practitioners who use the facilities and services provided by the clinic. Their values are synonymous with the Arkaba Medical Centre. 

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