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Communications Policy

The Arkaba Medical Centre uses telephone communication as its main form of communication with patients and relevant parties. This includes, but is not limited to, follow up appointment requests, notification of change or cancellation of appointment, and third-party liaising. The patient must be correctly identified prior to communicating sensitive information.

Our staff are encouraged to answer phone calls promptly, however, during busy periods patients may experience extended periods on hold.

With patient consent, the Arkaba Medical Centre sends automated SMS appointment reminders. The Arkaba Medical Centre also uses HotDoc to send SMS clinical recall notifications. Patients can request to disable SMS recalls and reminders at any time by contacting reception.

The Arkaba Medical Centre uses email communication with patient permission, however, it is not encouraged for urgent communication or communicating sensitive information. Email communication is not protected by encryption and, therefore, when communicating sensitive information, patients use it at their own risk.

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