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COVID-19 UPDATE - Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Hooray! We made it through the 7 day lockdown. The Directors, doctors and Arkaba Medical Centre staff thank you all for your patience and understanding by rescheduling your appointments and changing to the telehealth option. As of today, Wednesday the 28th July, we will be returning to face-to-face appointments and continue to offer telehealth consultations for those eligible. Our policy remains that we will only see patients in clinic who have not been to any of the hot spots or who have not traveled interstate in the two weeks prior to their appointment. Patients with cough, cold or flu symptoms (including a temperature/fever) will not be allowed to enter the clinic without a negative COVID result in the previous 5 days. Those who receive a negative COVID result may be seen in clinic but will be asked to wear a mask and to isolate in a designated room until the doctor is ready to see them. For all other patients we ask you to please continue to check in with the COVID tracing app, sanitise your hands upon arrival, wear a mask and social distance where possible. The Adelaide Central Respiratory Clinic will continue to offer appointments for patients with cough, cold, and flu symptoms. Extra appointments have been made available this week (26/07 - 29-07) due to the high demand for COVID testing at the present time. Appointments for COVID-19 testing and in-person assessment for acute respiratory symptoms (cough, cold, flu) can be made online here. We thank you for your cooperation and understanding at this difficult time.

Take care and stay safe. The Arkaba Medical Centre Team


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