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Arkaba Medical Centre COVID-19 Policy

The Adelaide Central Respiratory Clinic will continue in 2023!

Patients who present with respiratory symptoms and have not had a negative PCR result in the past 5 days are encouraged to attend the Adelaide Central Respiratory Clinic for assessment and testing.

Without a negative PCR, symptomatic patients will not be permitted to enter the clinic.

The Adelaide Central Respiratory Clinic can also facilitate care for assessment of abdominal pain, acute ENT issues, paediatric assessment and upper respiratory complaints for patients who have tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days.

It is the policy of Arkaba Medical Centre to provide best practice infection control standards to protect patients, doctors, staff and members of the public at higher risk of Covid-19.

As such, it is strongly recommended that patients wear a mask while attending Arkaba Medical Centre, and that doctors wear surgical masks while in the clinic.

It is a requirement that staff or visitors entering the clinic in a working capacity wear a mask while in the clinic, unless they have a medical exemption.


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