45 to 49 Health Assessment

45 to 49 Health Assessment

The Australian Federal Government supports general practice to offer a once only free health check for people aged between 45 -49 years of age, who may already have one or more known risk factors to developing a chronic health condition in the future e.g. diabetes or heart disease.

World-wide, the incidence of chronic disease has risen significantly during the past two decades, resulting in a reduction in the quality of life for many due to poor health as well as an increased need to access over burdened health systems, including Australia’s.

The aim of the health check is to assist with the detection and prevention of chronic disease and enable early intervention strategies to be commenced as appropriate.

You may be eligible if you have one or more of the following risk factors:
- High blood pressure;
- High cholesterol;
- Smoking;
- Lack of physical activity;
- High alcohol consumption;
- Extra weight;
- Poor diet;
- Family history of disease

We would be pleased to work with you to reduce your risk of developing a long term illness in the future.

The health check will include:
- Updating your medical history with the general practice nurse;
- Organising tests as appropriate, e.g. blood pressure, mammogram (for women) or blood tests;
- Information related to identified risk factors;
- Collaboration re strategies e.g. referral to other health professionals or exercise programs that would assist with improved lifestyle and potential reduced likelihood of future disease.