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Glen Osmond Road and Fullarton Road Intersection Update - August/September

Nightworks at the intersection of Glen Osmond Road and Fullarton Road have been underway since March 2022 and will continue for relocation of power, water and gas services throughout August, between 7pm and 6am, Sunday to Friday.

There will be some dayworks and short-term closures of local roads ahead of major construction in September. Advanced notice of these closures will be provided and appropriate detour signage will be in place. We will make every effort to inform our patients of any inconvenience cause by road closures or detours.

Road construction is expected to commence in September, including the realignment of Main Avenue.

There will be temporary relocation of some bus stops surrounding the intersection. For more information on the relocation of these stops, visit Some pedestrian and cyclist detours will also be in place.

We thank you for your cooperation during the construction process and will endeavour to keep you informed at each stage.


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